Tape Technique

So this week in the studio things have been going a little slower,  I have been a little under the weather so I have been focusing on some glazing/surface technique. I have been working on some surface designs on a few mugs and wanted to try  out a new technique using masking tape and undergalzes.   This is my first time using underglaze, so we will see how this goes.

1. Peel off some masking tape and put it onto the surface of the table or a board if you have a table you don’t want to ruin.


2. Cut the strips down to different widths so I could have some variation in line.  Tape1_Fotor

3. Next I took the strips of tape and adhered them to the surface of my mug.  You can do this in any shape or design you want, and layer as you please, but I decided to go with sort of a V shape inspired by some chevron designs I’ve been digging lately.  I varied the distance of the V’s and the tape thickness of the V’s so give a little diversity.


4. Once your tape is down and stuck on nicely so the glaze doesn’t seep under it-you can start painting on your underglaze. The tape will keep the glaze off of the clay body making applying your glaze nice and easy, and you get clean lines.

5. Once the glaze has dried, gently and slowly peel off the tape, (if you peel it off too fast you risk taking off your glaze with it).  If there are areas where the lines need touching up-say your glaze crawled under it-just use an  X-Acto knife to gently scraped away any stray glaze.


6. Lastly, you just dunk the whole cup into a clear coat of glaze and your mug is good to go into the kiln!

I found that this was a fun technique to try out.  Here is an example of one that I was working on that I also tried doing a sketch on using an underglaze pencil.


View 1: Underglaze applied using tape technique.


View 2: I also added a drawing up a Cooper Hawk skull with an underglaze pencil.


View 3: Meshing of the two underglaze techniques. Now for a clear coat and into the kiln.


This week I’ve been listening to a lot of Devendra Banhart.  This is my all time favorite song by him.  I hope you enjoy as much as I do.


One thought on “Tape Technique

  1. Such a cool blog! I am a photographer so I love all things art. Two good friends of mine are ceramic artists and I am looking forward to showing them your blog. I like that each of your posts are different and I am excited to keep looking for what you will post next.

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