Featured Artist: Mister Finch

This week I am so excited because I am presenting the first featured artist!  I think it is important to share other artist’s work to help support each other within our community…So here it goes!

Mister Finch is his name and his work has been so incredibly inspiring for me.  He is a self-taught textile artist who lives in Leeds in Yorkshire.  He creates the most beautiful pieces from vintage fabrics that are inspired by the nature and woodland creatures that surround him.  His work is breath-taking and I want nothing more than to share his work with the world-or at least as many people as I can.

One of the reasons I have such great admiration for Mister Finch is not only because what he creates is stunning, but because he is an artists who has had no formal training, and is obviously very successful in his work.  I think that it goes to show that passion and motivation for what you love is all you really need to succeed.

I have posted some of his works that I personally love, and I encourage you to check out his website to see more of his pieces, I warn you though, it is easy to get lost in his work for some time!  I have also included, at the end of this post, a link to Mister Finch’s Facebook page, which I think you will find equally as enjoyable.


Title: Winter Wolves

Title: Sprouting Textile Bulbs

Title: Sprouting Textile Bulbs

Title: Soft Sculpture Snails

Title: Soft Sculpture Snails

Title: Hooded Fabric Hare

Title: Hooded Fabric Hare




2 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Mister Finch

  1. I really like his work as well! I hadn’t ever heard of him, but it is stunning and very inspirational. I like that he isn’t formally trained, too. His work gives me some thoughts about what I could do with fabric and paper around my house. Thanks for sharing!

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