Featured Artist: Mark James Porter

This week’s featured artist is one who is practicing an art that seems to me to have lost its appreciation or acknowledgment within the art world–marionette and doll making.  The artist’s name is Mark James Porter, a very unique artist from the United Kingdom.  I found a small bio on Mark Porter, and instead of reinterpreting it, I wanted to post it here for you to read because I find that it is a wonderful description of the artist and gives you a great idea of what he must be like.

When he was about five years old Mark wanted to grow up and become a dinosaur, he changed his mind a short while later and decided he wanted to be a fire engine! Upon discovering that he was in fact a human being, and could not change his physical form, he picked up a pencil and decided to create his own characters and worlds on paper and in 3D. For the last two decades he has been in love with many different mediums, and can be found painting rabbits, sculpting monsters and pondering about sandwich fillings in his little studio in Cornwall, England.

After viewing much of his work I found this artist bio to be so charming. Much of the work Mark James Porter does seems to have a wonderfully dark, mysterious, mystical and humorous approach to it, which is quite alluring to me. I find that I am often attracted to the beauty found within things that are often viewed as “dark”.  It seems that he is highly influenced by the early circus and carnival era maybe from the 1800’s, along with old fairy tales and fantastical realms.

Mark James Porter focuses his work on illustration as well as doll/marionette making.  While I find his illustration to be quite captivating and lovely, It is his sculptural work with the doll and marionette making which I find myself most captivated by. I think I am so attracted to this type of art, in the art world in general, mostly because I feel like it is becoming a lost art–you just don’t see it that often, especially not as being portrayed or viewed as fine art.

Here are the links to his Facebook page, as well as his blog.  I have also posted some pictures to give you a better idea of how magical and mysterious Mark Porter’s work is.



Illustration of "Mary"

Illustration of “Mary”













Illustration of "Stanley"

Illustration of “Stanley”


I love these guys.


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