Finding Non-traditional Supplies

I have always been fascinated by sculptural works created from non-traditional materials. Here are a few images of a piece of sculpture I did of a vertebral column made from cardboard and old sewing patterns. which was the project that was the inspiration for this post.

Vertebral Column

Vertebral Column Made From Cardboard and Old Sewing Patterns.

Vertebral Column Up Close Side View

Vertebral Column Up Close Side View


Vertebral Column Up Close Fron View.

Vertebral Column Up Close Fron View.

A lot of the ideas I have for sculpture projects come from using up-cycled, or non-traditional materials such as these old sewing patterns. I am working on a new sculpture design for an upcoming project which uses film negatives for the main material. I have found that in the city I live in it is very difficult to find an abundance of these types of materials, and mostly you just have to do a lot of hunting and asking around, or just get lucky and happen to find enough of the materials you are looking for at a thrift store or flea market. Even if you happen to find what you are looking for at a thrift store or flea market, it seems that you end up paying more than you really want to, or more than the materials are actually worth.  This led me to an internet search of different businesses which exist just for this purpose, getting all sorts of materials- traditional, and non-traditional- out to artists who wish to create!

I came across a list of businesses who collect donations of scrap materials; everything from paint, fabric, and buttons to scrap metal, wire, and even one place that will collect animal bones! I thought this was a really exciting resource and I wanted to share with you the link to these different businesses all around the world in case you find yourself in a situation where you are hunting for a material that may not be so easy to find. Here is the link:


This week I have been listening to Billie Holiday non stop.



One thought on “Finding Non-traditional Supplies

  1. Hi Riley!
    This is the first time I’ve actually gotten to explore your blog and I’ve got to say it’s pretty awesome! I really like the layout and the nature of your posts (since you seem to focus a little more on the how than the what, especially in this post). As someone who appreciates art in different forms (though I can’t really create it myself) I think that showing people what you create and then giving a bit of background on how and why you do so is a really great resource. Specifically, linking to a site many people haven’t heard of that offers materials for them to explore their artistic whims with is pretty cool.

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