Hey folks, welcome to my blog, CREATIVE ARTCHIVE. My name is Riley, and I’m an indecisive, 26 year old woman who loves art and creativity.  I am currently in school studying liberal arts, but I have taken the long road with school.  I have been in and out of University as I struggle to balance the constricting world of academia with my passion for art.  I took the past year and a half off of school and worked part time as a barista, and part time as a ceramic artist.  I am a self taught ceramic artist who loves to learn first hand from artists around me-and by trial and error.  Keeping art and inspiration alive in my daily routine and sharing it with those around me is of upmost importance. I mainly focus on the medium of ceramics, but I am constantly learning and artistically inspired by the people around me, whether that be through poetry, photography, DIY projects, music, and especially the world of science. I hope to bring to you guys the things that I learn in and outside of the studio, as well as hopefully some inspiration for your future artistic expressions.



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